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The come back – Charity Wine Project Model…!

One year and nine months have passed since the auction’s hammer hit the table and we recounted our triumph, 517 amazing wines, 513,000 USD raised for the charity in Laos, and a great adventure turned a page towards becoming wonderful memories…

With the funds raised by our auction, the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation was able to continue making changes in the lives of many in Laos: From a new building for blind children at the Home of Light, to repairing furniture and infrastructure of the flood-damaged Simmano high school, to projects bringing fresh drinking water to villages, and providing remote-area medical care; the funding we all worked to raise are continuing to bear fruit. We encourage you to visit to read more!

Now that we are back in the Netherlands, we have realized that even though we were very lucky in doing the things we loved, we couldn’t let this experience be forgotten! In the end, wasn’t our point to inspire others?

So our realization has been that wine for us is as coffee, bread, art, fashion or anything else can be for someone else; a vehicle to which people can relate.
And traveling (locally or seeing the world) is for us like for many others, an amazing adventure that can open your mind. The support for Laos was our end goal and our drive, like another charity’s mission could be yours. We have concluded that our project’s model can be repeated and many amazing adventures and much good for the world can come out of this! This model, which we have tested ourselves, is the story of the book we are now working on! We will be publishing this book in a new way; on an exciting crowd-funded online platform, so stay tuned for how you can be part of this new page of the project!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you have tips or suggestions on the publishing/media/design world, or if you just want to catch up, write us soon!

What we have been doing in the last year:

What’s up with Georges, here and now?
He is a PhD research candidate at the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing. Working with… you guessed it, yeast!  Maybe you didnt know but yeast not only are used to make great wine, beer, bread, and more, but also have 30-40% genetic similarity to humans!  So they make a great model organism for aging studies.  And it seems that enjoying wine must be something inherent in nature and to life!

And what is new with Anja?:
She is founding the company UrbanSeeds – all about sustainability in our daily lives ; And she is working on the Crowd Effect – a crowd sourced project on solving pressing issues in our society by us, the people. During the other hidden hours of the day which she is able to root out, she writes and teaches about everything that has to do with Social Business development! PS: Anja’s summary of the report on data collected during the project is available here and contact her for more info!

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