The Pacific Northwest States!

USA, OR and WA: 23 July – 1 August 2010

The rolling hills of Oregon wine country, as seen from Johan vineyards!

The Pacific Northwest states have been moving fast on the rise for worldwide wine recognition, and so we made sure to visit those spearheading the best of show! Driving up through Oregon’s famous Willamette and through to Washington’s Walla Walla, we encountered the differences which make these lands unique. As we learned in South Africa and New Zealand, the art of ‘Pinot Noir,’ moreso than all other grapes, rests on the soils it sits on and is a reflection of the weather, with delicate influence of the farmer guiding his or her fruit. These conditions were fully met in Oregon, and it’s no wonder these region has grown to fame for it. We invite you to hear and watch our interview with About Harvest media to learn more about these dedicated wine growers, and learn about the 10 wines we collected. Washington as well held a secret ingredient for its wine success: desert land and two extra hours of sunlight per summer day when compared to California result in a powerful place for making reds…

Small family wineries like Big Table Farm create the charm of Oregon wineries. We owe special thanks to Big Table Farm who helped us throughout our Oregon stay!

Those rolling hills of Oregon again, this time at Domaine Drouhin. For more, see below for our Oregon interview pieced together by About Harvest media, visiting seven wineries!

World Wine Tour 2010: Oregon!

Here at an a-typical Washington winery cellar door, K vineyards. See below for the Washington interview pieced together by About Harvest, visiting two Walla Walla wineries!

WWT 2010: Washington!

A very special thanks to the following wineries from the Pacific Northwest States for their participation in our Hong Kong charity auction!:

Ponzi , Johan Vineyards, Big Table Farm, Love and Squalor, Ei Ei, Beaux Freres, Domaine Drouhin, Bergevin Lane, and K.


~Anja and Georges

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