This project will raise funds for charity by holding an auction of fine wines in Hong Kong:

The Lao Foundation

The Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. is a California/Laos based non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide medical services to Laotian people with a greater focus on children and the poor. Laos is a country located in Southeast Asia and is on the United Nation’s list of least developed countries. The foundation recognizes that the best guarantee for the people to have sound health is by creating access for them to adequate nutrition, clean water, basic hygiene, decent shelter, education, and medical facilities and services. The Lao Foundation works on a large variety of missions to achieve its goal, from providing health care in remote areas, to building schools, shelters, and medical clinics, to assisting individuals with special needs. Funds raised from the auction will help the Lao Foundation conduct medical missions in remote areas, bring clean water to villages void of this, conduct special case missions, and rebuild a school destroyed by the 2008 flooding of the Mekong River.

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