In addition to the Sponsors who have lent support to our cause, and also the wineries around the world who have donated time and wine to us, we owe a special gratitude to many Friends we would like to mention here.  Though undoubtedly not a complete list, we would like to thank the following people and companies for their special support of the World Wine Tour 2010 charity fundraising project:

Alexandra Alznauer, Baudouin Neirynck, Ben Dollard, Clare Carver, Dusan Jelic, Erwan Thill, Filipe José Carvalho, Fred Fayard, Gastón Sepúlveda, Joe Dutra, Manuella Webber-Witt, Margrit Mondavi, Mark Norman, Marta Migueles, Sebastiano Ramello, Subhash Arora, Zelma long, Zhang Youmin

Chateau Mendoce, Citrusul, Cortes de Cima, Exquisiteando, Productschap Wijn, Nico James, The Wine Hub, Wine Caviar, Wine-Bag, American Wine Society, Legenda Krima Wines, Wine and Hospitality Network, Rachel Ritchie, VDP, Vincor International, Weingut Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim

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