Who are we?

Project Directors :

Anja Cheriakova : Anja is a Master student at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, finalizing her degree in Organizational Psychology she does research on issues that keep the wine world of today busy. Simultaneously with the Charity Wine Project she is performing research on networking between wine producers, innovation in the global wine industry, and the engagement in this passion driven field. Fluent in Russian, Dutch and English she has set out on her mission, making this world a more sustainable and socially responsible place, today!
Georges Janssens : Georges is a California Native with French Background.  Being from Napa he has worked harvests in several wineries, starting at a young age.  After graduating from the University of California at Davis in Genetics and Philosophy, he moved on to study Biomedical Sciences in the Netherlands.  This project represents for him his desire to explore the wine world which he is from, to better understand cultures in the world and the place of humanity, and to bring many together for the greater good!

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