This Project

The aim of this charity wine project, the ‘World Wine Tour 2010,’ is to collect fine wines from around the world during the 2010 year to hold for charity auction in 2011.

There’s a history to the concept of traveling the world to collect wine bottles for charity auction. It all began in 2003 under the name Vignes sans Frontiere, continued almost every year since then with new approaches; with different countries, sponsors, wineries, donations, auctions, and people. We (Anja and Georges) have built on this idea, creating our own unique project, the ‘World Wine Tour 2010’.

In numbers, our project involved visiting over 250 wineries, collecting over 450 bottles of fine wine from over 60 different wine regions from 19 different countries. With these efforts, our hope is to raise 200,000 USD for our chosen charity. (For more about these wines please visit our collected wines page).

The depth and breadth that this project has reached is made possible by the generosity of many sponsors who have joined the cause, and many friends who have helped along the way.

In the greater view of things, our goal is to show how exploring different countries and cultures can be combined with undertaking a project that will benefit others as well.

While touring the wineries to collect the donations of wines, we document the stories on our website, through our media partners, and through local publications of the regions we visit, some of which are posted on our Media page. We hope to share the path we took through the different countries and cultures that brought us to the wineries, and the stories of the generosity found there.

The charity that the profits of the auction will go to is the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc,. The auction will take place in Hong Kong at the end of May 2011!

We welcome you to join in our journey, and please contact us for more information!

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